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J & M Farms Sheep

Jon and Marion LoPrinzi

Lonsdale, AR 72087

Meet our Livestock Guardian Dogs

Badger and Felice

8/22/07 - 10mo and 8 mo old

Badger is now over 100lbs, Felice is over 50lbs. They're doing a great job guarding the sheep and learning everything, when they're not being silly and resting in the hay bale holder.

6/28/07 - 8mo and 6 mo

5/25/07 - 7mo and 5mo

5/3/07 -

4/25/07 - 6mo and 4mo

3/30/07 - 5mo and 3mo old

Meet Felice - Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees

March 29, 2007, Mama and Papa have brought home a playmate/helpmate for me!!! I'm so excited, isn't she cute??? I was getting into so much trouble, chasing all the chickens, ducks and turkeys and really chasing the sheep. Mama was trying so hard to keep me under control, but I have a mind of my own and I was bored. Lisa and Jessica offered her this puppy and she said yes. I'm a changed pup now and I have someone to play with that I can't hurt

Felice was born 12/25/06 on a goat farm and given to our friend Lisa and her family and goats beginning March, but working full time it isn't easy to train a 2 month old pup so she gave her to us on 3.29.07. What a difference she has made to our lives and Badger's. She is already a hit with the sheep. She loves the sheep, submits to them, hasn't chased them or jumped on them. She will be teaching Badger how to guard them, I think.

Badger - Great Pyrenees and Anatolian

I'm 5 months old!! And I love playing in the mud.

I'm almost 4 months old now!!!!!

I'm 10 weeks old now. Mama and Papa have changed my gate to a pipe panel so I can come and go as I please and escape back in when the sheep scare me. Today my first new lamb was born!!! I don't know what to do.

I've just come to my new home and stayed inside with the other doggies for 2 nights. I was born Nov 1, 2006 and came to my new home Dec 30, 2006.

badger with duke and boston badger and jon badger with boston

Then I went outside to my new home with the sheep, Jan 1, 2007.

badger in his new leanto badger reaching for his knotted sock toy rebekah and ruthie watching badger, number 1 wether in front

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