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J & M Farms Sheep

Jon and Marion LoPrinzi

Lonsdale, AR 72087

Sheep pictures for Year 2008

Nov 29, 2007

Rebekah with new ewe lamb Gabby

Dec 17, 2007

Ruthie with new twin ram lambs RUGray and RUWhite, then meeting the flock and dogs.

Dec 23, 2007

Rachel has ram lamb Jumbolaya and ewe lamb 1st Hope. She rejects 1st Hope, whom we bring into the house because she is too tiny to leave outside. She lives about 30 hours and dies on Christmas Eve when my sister says 1st Hope has gone to be in God's Nativity Scene in Heaven. Our indoor dogs took good care of her and loved her, especially Boston our special black lab. He is the only one who knew when she passed, came over to me as she was in my arms and loved on her and me and Jon, then came outside and stayed by us as we dug the grave. Such a special time.

Goofy Connie Bear and Jon

Dec 19, 2007

Sue Delaney's grandkids come to visit

Jan 10, 2008

We've had an explosion of lambs.

Zoey had ram lamb ZZ on Dec 25th

Lizzie had a black ram lamb L1 and a white ewe lamb Hope on Jan 1 evening. She rejected Hope for her color who happily became a bottle baby.

Veronica had twin ewe lambs on Jan 2 morning. white legs is Faith, brown legs is Phoebe

Camilla had twin ram lambs C1 and C2 on Jan 1 morning. We tried to get Hope to bond to Camilla, but it didn't work once they were released. C2 gets renamed DumDum later on when he almost dies of starvation at 10days old for not nursing properly and needs bottle feeding for 2 weeks.

Berry has a ram lamb BerryBoy on Jan 3

Hope or DumDum sleeping with Felice

Mid Jan 2008

Felice with a bunch of lambs

Feb 2, 2008

Sehsay has a ewe lamb, Layla on Feb 2. She is number 13 of the bunch, named after 13 of the Deal or No Deal ladies :))

Everyone out and about

Feb 14, 2008

End of the hay bale, sleeping on and eating what's left

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