ABC Quilted Wallhanging for Simon and Yoshie

Marion LoPrinzi

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This is going to be a very custom ABC quilt for baby Skye.

It's all done!!!!

Here are the blocks as they are quilted.

Front of each quilted block Back of each quilted block
I've put the top together and am starting quilting.

Here are the blocks first with just the fabric pieces. and then with the final satin stitching.

Fabric pieces All stitched

This first picture is just to show all the images that I will be machine appliqueing onto the quilt. Each square will be 12" finished square and have the capital letter and small letter for the appropriate square in the upper left corner. The image will be in the lower half of each square.

WARNING TO DIAL UP USERS: This file is almost 3MB in size and may take a while to come up.